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Grande Package

Includes: Mezzo Package... Plus: Two passed Appetizers, Served Salad and Dinner (In place of buffet), napkin fold & candle lighting 

Salad Choice

Caesar Salad

Paula's House Salad

Spinach Salad

Spiced Pecan Salad

Tomato Onion 

Mozzerella Salad

Christmas  Salad


Side Selections (Two)

Piccolo/Mezzo Menu plus

Italian Cauliflower

Grilled Veggies

Drunken Mushrooms

Cheesey Scallop Sweet Potato Triangles

Penne Portobello

Penne OBG Mozzarella


Entree Selection (Two)

Mezzo Menu Plus 

Veal Spiedini

Veal Parmigiano

Pan Seared Grouper

Breaded Broiled Grouper

Rib Eye

Cedar Plank Salmon with Moscato Di Asti

Maple Leaf Duck Breast

Tony's Spiced Shrimp

Beef Wellington

Tenderloin Filet

Grilled Lamb Chops (+$5)

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